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Schoolwide Positive Behavior Expectations

Normont Elementary’s Universal Expectations 

  1. I will respect all people and their property. 
  2. I will keep my hands and feet to myself. 
  3. I will listen and follow directions given by adults. 
  4. I will put forth my best effort in all that I do. 

Guiding Principles




  • I engage in safe activities in class and on the yard.
  • I keep my body and mind healthy.
  • I choose only things that are really good for me.


  • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • I follow all class and school rules.
  • I respect laws and school authority.
  • I treat people fairly and respect their rights.
  • I respect private and public property.


  • I take responsibility for my actions.
  • I choose how I will respond to others.
  • I return what I borrow.


  • I am honest with others and myself.
  • I act with integrity.
  • I avoid spreading rumors and gossiping.


  • I look for the good in others.
  • I respect each person’s right to be different.
  • I see cultural diversity as an opportunity for learning.



  • I come to school prepared to learn
  • I do my best in everything I do.
  • I am open and alert to all learning situations.


A leader is a student that follows all the guiding principles.



Behavior Expectations



              Be Safe 

          Be Responsible

           Be Respectful


*Walk to and from play area

*Stay in assigned area

*Keep hands, feet and objects  

  to yourself

*Use restroom and get water 

  before the bell rings

*Follow the rules of the game

*Eat all food in the snack area

*Freeze when the bell rings

*Share play equipment

*Play fairly and safely

*Allow everyone to play

*Use appropriate language and

  hand gestures

*Follow the instructions of all staff

Lunch Area

*Walk to the lunch area in a

  straight and quiet line

*Carry your tray with two hands

*Sit at your assigned table

*Keep food to yourself

*Wait patiently in line

*Clean up your area

*Stay seated until dismissed

*Place trash in appropriate bin

*Use good manners at all times

*Eat quietly

*Follow directions

*Raise your hand if you need something


*Walk at all times

*Wash hands after use

*Use the restroom appropriately without playing

*Use the restroom before

  school, at recess, lunch, and/or  

  after school

*Return to classroom or play

  area promptly

*Conserve supplies (toilet paper, 

  water, soap)

*Place all paper goods  where they  


*Give people privacy/one person per  


*Flush the toilet

*Keep bathrooms clean

*Use materials appropriately

*Use quiet voices to not disturb classes


*Walk at all times

*Sit up in your seat

*Keep hands, feet and objects to 


*Wait to be told where to sit

*Stay seated quietly until dismissed

*Follow directions given

*Give the speaker your full  attention

*Remain quiet

*Use appropriate Call and Response  


*Cheer and applaud appropriately


Hallways and Stairs

*Walk quietly to your destination

*Watch  out for opening doors

*Walk up and down stairs holding rails

*Go to and from your destination without  


*Stay out of these areas unless you have

  a hall pass

*Use a quiet voice when speaking

*Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

*Respect the bulletin boards and the work of others




Reinforcing the Discipline Plan

 What can you do to reinforce the Normont School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support Plan?


  • Learn and model the Normont School-wide behavior expectations.
  • Make Connections between the School-wide Behavioral Plan and your Classroom Behavior Management Plan, and behavior at home. (It creates consistency!)
  • Find opportunities daily to refer to the Guiding Principles, the Behavior Expectations, and Second Step in your lessons. (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Leader)
  • Consider misbehavior as an opportunity for learning. (Will the consequence teach the student what to do next time?)
  • Look for and acknowledge students that are following the Guiding Principles and Behavior Expectations. (Verbal praise, caught being good tickets, stickers, positive note home, high five, etc)




Presented at…

Given by….

Caught Being Good Tickets

*Following behavioral expectations in any setting

Prize Box

A raffle at the weekly Friday afternoon announcement

Normont staff and administrators

Lion Paws

*Following behavioral expectations as a class

Class movie and snacks


Normont staff and administrators

Awards Assembly

*Meeting and improving in academic and behavior performance

Certificates and pencils

Monthly grade level assemblies